Bye foundation day

last week was totally a stressed, happy, sad, and relieved week

our final paper was physics,

so since the biology paper I have already loose my focus on physics.

I hope my exam result will be good..

so for the next five months I have nothing to do until I get my result.

Arashi - Do My Best

whenever I listen to this song I will be very energized

the song really suit my personalities haha I think

and of course for everyone who always wants to do their best in every thing that they do.


the message from this song is totally positive

my favourite part of the lyrics is

‘In the middle of the bewildering everyday life,
happiness is definitely waiting somewhere near.’

if at middle of the journey to our dream, we want to give up down  because of the obstacle in front of us ,

I am sure.. someday all our effort will be paid and on that fine day we be happy

Nippon no Arashi

I was walking in front of kinokuniya klcc

and then found this .ha-ha and wow even in malaysia they sell it

I enter the store and try find it at the Japanese section but cant find it

so what can I do .. I could only can take a glimpse of it from a display glass..

I am too shy to ask the people who work there hehe

it is very crowded at the information section since it is Sunday

Broken heart


my life with arashi



it begins when I saw domyouji in hanadan thinking him so kakkoi and ‘whatever’

then I googled him and find him in a group called arashi

then found ‘ONE LOVE’ song and fall in love with it. I love the chorus, their voice was so harmonious

since then, I am the arashian, will support them forever.


the 6th member of arashi =)Rolling on the floor laughingOpen-mouthed smile



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why do I cry at every episode

the girl’s love to the guy is sweet

love it!

she afraid to fall in love but at last she need to be honest to herself

Zenkai Girl - 11[22-35-37]

looking for her true prince


ok arashi concert is on!!!
totally feel like oh i can't go there
i dont have monye of course
why why why
but i will buy the dvd concert hohoho